Arabic lighting: Turkish style lamps

East and its contrasts have always been a source of inspiration when its time to decorate our houses. Imitating the great lamps and decoration of the palaces of the powerful sultans palaces, the Arabic-style mosaic lamps have their origin in the Turkish culture. It is characterized by its peculiar design: a fine work in which its crystals are embedded one by one on a glass sphere creating beautiful drawings. Mainly incorporating bright colors, worked with small pieces that give us a great variety of colors and reflections of light when projected.

Arabic lighting is a very elegant decorative element that adapts to all spaces. Currently, mosaic lamps can decorate rustic and vintage environments but also the most modern ones in which you want to add a touch of color that attracts attention.

Within the wide range of lighting items, we cannot forget the lanterns and lamps of Arabic inspiration. These type of lamps, whose material is mainly metal, have elaborated designs with all kinds of detail. From drawings punched on the lamp itself to the incorporation of decorative pieces of color, it is certainly a wonderful play of light and shadows that can be appreciated once they are lit.

With different shaped tulips, metal base, table lamps or ceiling ... Arabic style lamps provide a unique warmth to the unique home decoration. Visit our catalog to see the different models.