Natural fibers, the trend pieces that do not fail

Decorating with natural fibers is in fashion. The trend is not new, but more and more, these items claim their place in home decor. Wicker, jute, rattan ... A great variety of fibers that give us a special warmth to our homes.

This trend that continues year after year, aims to give value to the natural and enhance the artisanal, which gives us a feeling of simplicity and makes any space more welcoming. In this way, wicker, jute, rattan, bamboo and wood take center stage through different objects and furniture made with these materials.

From Signes Grimalt we import all kinds of natural fiber items: we propose fiber baskets to organize, palm baskets and flowerpots, jute rugs, lanterns and different natural wood furniture to give that touch of warmth to the most modern spaces. Let natural fibers triumph in your decoration and conquer every corner of your home!