Home harmonisers and their origins

Wind mobiles are also known as home harmonisers, angel callers or even spirit scarers. They help us to create a relaxing atmosphere due to the sounds they emit when they are shaken by the wind. They are a great decorative element according to Feng Shui, but their origin and complex tradition will surprise you.
They were very common objects of the Sioux Indians, even considered magical objects that they placed around their settlements with the intention of protecting the village from bad energies. They were the first to commercialise this object.
There are archaeological researches that place the existence of these curious objects in more than 1000 years ago; they were made with animal bones. They are of oriental origin and their influence nowadays has come through currents such as Feng Shui.
There is a great diversity of harmonizers, since depending on the material they emit some sounds or others. You can find wind mobiles made of wood, metal, bamboo, shells and even glass. Also, the figures they have will connote different meanings that we will see below.
- Elephant: symbolises the connection between the divine and the spiritual, it is a very important figure in Asian culture.
- Owl: symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, fortune and beauty.
- Tree of life: symbol loaded with positive connotations, such as the cycle of life, spiritual growth, connection with the environment and much more.
- Hand of Fatima: symbolises strength, protection, power and blessing.
- Buddha: symbolises harmony, wealth and prosperity.
- Sun: is our source of light and energy, symbolising success.
- Moon: symbolises the beginning of a new cycle associated with love and fertility.
- Stars: is a symbol of aspiration associated with personal goals and achievements.
Last but not least, it is important to decide in which corner of your house you are going to place it. You can place them both inside and outside your home, just hang them somewhere with a certain current and let the breeze of the wind release its magic.