Oriental decoration is fashionable

Asian culture continues to unleash passions. A trend that is gradually spreading more in western culture is to create oriental-style interiors in homes. A world of contrasts, color and interesting culture in which for centuries we have been inspired to make our decoration more varied. A timeless style that can decorate any corner of the house: bedroom, kitchen, living room or bathroom. Some oriental accessories may be porcelain urns, water fountains or Buddha figures. It is also important to pay attention to color, white and black, Yin and Yang, are essential for this type of decoration. In addition, cold colors such as blue for textiles are a good idea, while warm colors are more suitable for furniture.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

· The figure of the Buddha: transmits peace and relaxation. We can find it in table figures, large figures for the garden and also in paintings.

· Water sources: in addition to its beautiful design, the sound of the water is very relaxing, ideal for the most Zen environments!

· Textile with geometric / floral prints: they are a key piece for this type of decoration. We propose some table runners and cushions together for your living room.

· Teapots: the tea ceremony is a ritual that is practiced in Eastern culture. In the mid-19th century, cast iron teapots, Tetsubin, became a social symbol. There are some designs with drawings that symbolically reflected the character of each host: serpintes that symbolize wisdom, dragons for strength and power, cherry blossom that symbolizes beauty ...

Do not wait any longer and give an oriental air to your home!