Salt lamps, what are they and how do they work?

Actually, salt lamps are popularly known in the world of decoration. They are known as natural ionizers, since they have the ability to change the electrical charge of the air, thus improving its quality. They are natural rocks of Pakistani origin formed from different minerals.
Salt lamps, in addition to being a decorative object, have a peculiar appearance and is that each carved natural stone has a different shape, they create a warm atmosphere due to the pink tone that it emits when lighting the light or candle.
What they do is emit negative ions, which adhere to positive ions (those that have lost their molecules) and neutralize them. Therefore, it is normal for salt lamps to give off water, a sign that they are working and purifying the environment.

- They clean and deodorize the air.
- Reduce allergy and asthma symptoms.
- Reduce stress.
- Increase energy.
- Helps to counteract electronic vibrations.
- Help you sleep better.
- Promotes a better mood and concentration.
- Reduce static electricity in the air.

- Keep it light on as long as possible.
- Do not place near sources of moisture.
- Clean the dust with a damp cloth, never with chemical products.
- Be careful with blows, as they are fragile due to their mineral composition.