Meet our textile line

During more than 50 years dedicated to the importation and distribution of decoration, gift and souvenir items, added to our restless nature that moves us to look for what type of products can make our clients increase their sales, a few years ago we decided to incorporate our catalog a new textile line for women: Isla Bonita by Sigris.

 “It all started by responding to the requests of our clients. It worked well and this led us to expand and create a collection of summer clothing, which we are expanding year after year ”, says our manager. The introduction into the fashion market has led us to create a new catalog each season. It is the result of a selection process in which models are chosen that are fresh and easy to wear for women, with soft fabrics and 100% cotton garments, and with a special touch to feel different from the others.

This next spring / summer season brings us the most diverse looks to wear in every opportunity that comes our way. With reflections from the seventies, eighties and nineties, the boho style, which fuses vintage style with romanticism, stands out for its light garments, transparencies, embroidery and different textures. The flower prints will undoubtedly be the protagonists of the 2021 collection, in addition to the arabesques, tribal and some version in animal print. The color palette incorporates intense yellows and variants of pink, such as lilac, as well as a wide range of blues and greens, without forgetting the neutral, white and raw tones that make up the most hippie chic collection of the season. Let yourself be seduced by the favorite clothes of the summer!