We introduce you our new logo ORIGEN

Throughout the ages and across cultures, the image of the Tree of Life has become very relevant. It functions as an attraction of positive energies and connects us with mother earth. It is the best illustration symbolising the cycle of life. The deep roots represent the birth of a life. Personal growth and development is reflected in the trunk of the tree and finally, the branches that divide in all directions symbolise the decisions we make in our lives and each one of them leads us down a certain path.
Our tree, which is our company, has good roots, 53 years of experience in the sector, of growth, and always to give the best service to our customers. And the branches that are well defined are the multiple catalogues introduced within our offer, which is what makes us grow. The symbol of the tree that attracts positive energies is embodied in many of our articles that brighten and illuminate the decoration of the home.

In the past and today, this representation is used as an amulet. Still considered a source of spiritual strength, transmitting wisdom, security, luck and protection, this symbol conveys strength and positivism. For us the tree is an important symbol, as we come from the olive tree which was our origin, the word chosen for our logo, which alludes to the beginning, to the root, to the beginning, to the source.
 When we visualize the articles in our catalogue we could think of a walk, a trip around the world, seeing looks from India, China, Morocco, Africa, the word origin would define the concepts from the place where they come from.

With this change of logo, which will be on all the labels, boxes, in our communications, we want to transmit a message to the client of a renewal, an idea that we are born every day to grow stronger with novelties and that every day we remember our origin to head towards a future that has for all of us an exciting path with good prospects.

Take a look at our presentation video of ORIGEN