Tetsubin, the Japanese teapot that is in fashion

These teapots became known in Japan in the mid-17th century when "Sencha", a social way of drinking tea, was introduced from China. During the 19th century, the Tetsubin became a social symbol and elaborate designs were made, incorporating representations that gave a special meaning to each one: snakes, dragons, cherry blossom ...

The importance that the tea ceremony has in Japanese culture and the leading role of the Tetsubin in it, has made it the most requested object. Taking into account the traditional demand, that of the West has been added, where it has become an object of worship. All tea lovers want a Tetsubin in their kitchen.

Made of cast iron and with black enamel inside to prevent oxidation, they have a perfectly worked exterior with beautiful reliefs that give them a unique personality.

Its care is very simple. Once the tea has been served, simply let the kettle cool, rinse and dry with a dry cloth and never use soap. In this way we get the coating to remain intact and protect the iron from the walls from oxidation.

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